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Chiptuning v.a. € 225,=

DSG upgrade

Versterkte kevlar koppeling

South Side DSG koppelingsplaten set.

800+ NM Kevlar Koppeling met extra koeling

Nu uit voorraad leverbaar. 100% kevlar koppeling met extra koeling. Goed voor 800+ NM. Wij adviseren deze koppeling alleen te monteren in combinatie met een Turbo upgrade en software aanpassing van de DSG bak.


dgs upgrade ctc engineering

dgs upgrade producten ctc engineering

upgrade DSG  ctc engineering

DSG product CTC engineering

100% Kevlar dsg koppeling met koeling € -,- (prijs op aanvraag)

Aangepaste DSG flippers van ECS Tuning

DSG Paddle Extensions.

Improved ergonomics and race inspired looks

Give your paddle shifter equipped vehicle a more enjoyable feel with "Maniac" DSG Shift Paddle Extensions. A much improved feel you can comfortably use with your fingertips. Made from a high tech composite material, they are extremely durable and lightweight. An aluminum insert is etched and inset for a very impressive look. Using 3M double sided tape they install quickly and easily.

DSG Paddles

ECS Tuning DSG Passle Extension € 269,-


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